Custom brand labels

Add your brand or a personal touch to your creations with a personalized label tape.

  1. List your products to label
  2. Think about how you want to sew your label
  3. Determine the format of your label
  4. choose ribbon
  5. Choose what you will print on your label (text or image) 
  6. Place your first order
  • For future orders, you can request a reprint:
    • the file to be printed must not require adjustments
    • you will be able to choose a different ribbon / ink
    • you can choose a quantity adapted to your needs


Choose the right brand label

  • How you will install the tag affects the design of the tag.
  • What you want to print will have an impact on the size required and therefore on the choice of label model
  • The higher your logo is in relation to the width -> More length required
  • The more your logo contains small details -> More length required to increase the dimension of the logo.
  • The type of products to be labeled also influences the choice of label model.


4 types of labels

 To learn more about each label design, click here!



  • REGULAR SATIN  : More soft and supple to theinterior clothes
  • WOVEN SATIN : For indoor and outdoor use, thicker and stronger than regular satin to prevent fraying of sides ribbon.
  • TAFFETA : For better print quality, better look and extreme durability and use both inside and outside the garment

Note: All satin ribbons will fray at both cut ends and absolutely must be sewn folded in half then inserted into a seam.  If you're using a sewing machine, a zigzag is recommended to finish your seam nicely, as with all woven fabrics.   Only the taffeta ribbon does not fray.

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