Refund policy

Clothing, tuques, neck warmers in stock:

Upon receipt, please examine your garment carefully. You have 7 days to report a problem to me. If unfortunately there was a defect, send me a photo and a description of the problem. The post for the return will then be at my expense. For a return/refund, the garment must not have been washed or worn! Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer (unless faulty) and no refund will be sent until the receipt of the garment. 

Size error :  If you have selected the wrong size garment or toque, you can request an exchange under the same conditions.  Ask about the best way to re-ship your product for an exchange at a lower cost.

The pom poms are final sale.  No returns or refunds accepted.

The custom orders and underwear are FINAL SALE.

The sewing items such as needles, buttons, zipper, rulers, knives may be subject to return at your expense for refund or exchange.  You must submit your request within 7 days of receiving your order.  No refunds or returns will be issued until the products have been returned.  The products must be in their original packaging and the latter must be in perfect condition.   However, if the purchased product has a manufacturing defect, you can request a refund by writing to 

No returns will be accepted for fabrics.  If you discover a defect in your fabric, you can contact us for a refund which will be proportional to the defect encountered.  The fabric must not have been washed or cut.  Defects (holes, tears, pulled threads, stains) in the selvedges on each side (10 cm from the edge) are considered normal and cannot be submitted for reimbursement.  Runny dye issues are also not accepted.  The fabrics sold are of high quality and here are the washing instructions to avoid any problems:

- Use a mild laundry soap.  Wash in cold water each color separately.  Tumble dry medium heat right away the wash cycle finished.  Not letting wet fabrics sit is the best way to prevent color transfer.  No additives should be added to your laundry such as salt, vinegar or stain remover.  You can add "color catcher" sheets but it is not mandatory, for colors containing more dye such as purple and red. 

Laundry detergents containing alcohol in one form or another, primarily ethyl alcohol, are strongly discouraged.  Although this ingredient is an additive to fight against stains, it is also a solvent, ie a product whose use is intended to dissolve ink.   Avoid problems with fading, transfer ink stains or even your labels fading faster by checking the ingredient list of your everyday product.

The labels personalized are final sale.   Les pre-printed labels may be returned for an exchange or refund.  Shipping costs are your responsibility.

All return requests must be pre-approved.  Please write to us at within 7 days of receiving your order.

No refund or exchange will be accepted for any product due to color choice.   Validate your selection by looking at the photos on different screens, read the descriptions carefully and write to us if necessary if you need clarification on the color of the product.

If the products (in stock on the website) received do not conform to the description on your invoice, please write to us at to let us know.  You can be reimbursed or we will quickly send you the missing products.