Tags: exempt items

Items exempt from carrying a permanent identification tag

Government of Canada Competition Bureau

  • Single-use items
  • Items clearly identified (e.g. with tag, sign, brand) as used or second-hand.
  • Items exported or sold by or sold to a duty free shop
  • Shoe covers, boots, shoes, slippers, insulating liners and shoe soles
  • Handbags, suitcases, briefcases and brushes
  • Toys, ornaments, pictures, lampshades, tapestries, wall hangings, wall coverings, room dividers, room dividers, book covers, bookmarks, gift wrap, banners and banners
  • Game and sports equipment other than sportswear
  • Garden and beach furniture, including umbrellas and hammocks
  • Playpens, cribs, strollers, jumpers, walkers and car seats for babies or children
  • Adhesive labels, sheets and tapes, cleaning or wiping cloths, therapeutic devices and heating pads
  • Pet accessories
  • Belts, suspenders, armbands, garters, hygienic belts and bandages
  • Hair curler covers, hair nets and shower caps
  • Underpad
  • Musical instruments and accessories
  • Straw or felt hats and padding or helmets used for sports
  • Non-fibrous materials that do not have a fabric backing, including films and foams
  • Household twine, rope, craft tape not intended for use in the manufacture of designated consumer textile articles, binder twine, packing twine and wrapping paper tape


Examples of consumer textile items eligible to carry a label not permanent

(Items listed in Schedule III of the Textile Labeling and Advertising Regulations)

  1. Underwear, lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear
  2. Scarves and wraps, shawls, mufflers and handkerchiefs
  3. Stretch tights (dance tights), stockings and pantyhose
  4. Gloves, mittens and gaiters
  5. Wigs, hair pieces, locks and other wig articles
  6. Hairstyles
  7. Aprons and bibs
  8. Couches
  9. Ties, buckles, false fronts and detachable collars and cuffs
  10. Umbrellas and parasols
  11. Strings and strings
  12. Wadding, batting and other stuffing and stuffing
  13. Yarns and threads for sewing and embroidery
  14. Piece fabrics and ribbons
  15. Tablecloths, under-tablecloths, napkins, small doilies, runners for furniture and chair covers, passageways and headboards
  16. Dishcloths and dishcloths and washcloths
  17. Fleeces and covers for ironing boards and tile grommets
  18. Covers for bathroom accessories
  19. Exterior covers for upholstered furniture, mattresses, box springs, cushions, chair pads, potholders and potholders, placemats and mattress protectors
  20. Rugs, carpets, rugs and carpet tiles
  21. canopies



Examples of consumer textile articles including permanent labels must withstand ten washes or cleanings

(Items mentioned in Annex I, but not in Annex III
of the Textile Labeling and Advertising Regulations)

  1. robes
  2. Coats, overcoats, half-seasons, capes and ponchos
  3. Pants, casual pants and shorts
  4. Suits and suits
  5. Overalls and Workwear
  6. Shirts and blouses
  7. Sweaters
  8. skirts and kilts
  9. Sports clothing
  10. Dresses, Pinafore Dresses, and Jumpsuits
  11. Bathrobes, housecoats, bathrobes, dressing gowns and smocks
  12. Children's clothing, including playwear, overalls, popsicles, etc.
  13. Hand towels and bath, beach and sports towels
  14. Bedspreads, blankets, quilts and comforters
  15. Sheets, pillows and pillowcases
  16. Slipcovers, afghans, throws and other coverings for furniture, household appliances and automobile seats
  17. Drapes, drapery liners and curtains including fabric shower curtains
  18. Sleeping bags
  19. Tents and tent awnings


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