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Generic names of natural fibers


French English
abaca abaca
asbestos asbestos
rubber rubber
hemp hemp
coco coir or coconut
cotton cotton
duvet down
duck down duck down
goose down goose down
swan down swan down
(plumes) (feather)
feathers of (name of bird) (name of bird) feather
waterfowl feathers waterfowl feather
land bird feathers landfowl feather
jute jute
I get I get
laine wool
alpaca alpaca
cashmere cashmere
camel camel
vicuna wool vicuna wool
llama wool llama wool
laine mohair mohair wool
lamb's wool lambs wool
cashmere wool cashmere wool
alpaca wool alpaca wool
camel wool camel wool
old call
mohair mohair
alpaca hair alpaca hair
vicuna hair vicuna hair
camel hair camel hair
llama hair llama hair
angora goat hair angora goat hair
cashmere goat hair kashmir goat hair
vigogne vicuna
lin linen or flax
arm arm
sisal sisal
silk silk


Bamboo labeling
"Bamboo" is not an acceptable generic name to designate textile fiber [...]"




Generic names of artificial fibers


French English
acetate acetate 
acrylic acrylic 
anidex  anidex 
aramide performance 
azlon or protein azlon or protein
rubber rubber
stone them stone them
chlorofibre chlorofibre
polyvinyl chloride or vinyon polyvinyl chloride or vinyon
suggestion suggestion
metallic fiber metallic
fluorofibre fluorofibre
lastol lastol
modacrylic modacrylic
nylon or polyamide nylon or polyamide
nytril nytril
olefin or polyolefin olefin or polyolefin
PLA or polylactic acid PLA or polylactic acid
polyethylene polyethylene
polypropylene polypropylene
polyester polyester
polyurethane polyurethane
spandex or elastane spandex or elastane
district district
cuprammonium cuprammonium
cupro or rayon cupro cupro ou cupro rayon
lyocell or rayon lyocell lyocell or lyocell rayon
modal ou rayonne modal modal or modal rayon
rayon with cuprammonium or cupro cupramonium rayon ou cupro
viscose or viscose rayon viscose or viscose rayon
triacetate triacetate
glass glass
vinal ou vinylal vinal ou vinylal




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