What size to choose?

Choosing the right size may seem like a hassle...but it's actually a piece of cake! (well almost!)   Just confirm the actual measurements with the size charts presented.  This ensures that you will receive a garment that "fits" perfectly!

For the youngest, relying on the actual age is the best way to be satisfied with the size of the garment.  It's a slightly different concept from the clothes of the main retail lines where we often double the baby's age to find the right size!  Here, evolutionary clothes have the advantage of adapting to your child, whether they are smaller, plumper, taller!

In addition, the fabrics used are all stretchy and thus they are comfortable, from the beginning of growth to the end of the size of the garment.

Some scalable sizes overlap.  For example, if your baby is 9 months old, you can choose between 0-12 months and 6-36 months.  If you choose seasonal clothing, you can take the 0-12 months and the fit will be optimal.  If you prefer the garment to last longer or if it is for a gift and you are unsure of the baby's size, go for the slightly larger size.  It is not recommended to take a garment of a size that does not include your baby's age... Even if it is very strong, a baby for example 2 years old on whom you try on a sweater 3 -6 years old will float in his sweater, the collar will be larger and the garment will not be as comfortable for him.  Chic Placard offers you a size 2-4 years to ensure you find the size that suits you perfectly... from birth to 6 years!

T-shirts and dresses are not shown as grow-with-me since you cannot roll the strips to fit your child.  On the other hand, they are designed to last longer thanks to the raglan sleeves, the armhole space and the collar. 

For young people from 6 to 14 years old, these children grow up visibly also sometimes!  Measuring the chest circumference is the best way to ensure that the chosen size will fit your child.  In case of doubt, I still recommend that you choose the age of your child and if necessary, take a size below or above if he is a little small for his age or on the contrary really taller .


 For women

Depending on the models offered, you can find the size charts in the photos of each product sheet.  For garments in stock, they are made on a standard basis.  For orders, you will be prompted to select your measurements from the drop-down menus on the listing.

As a general rule, and since the Chic Placard clothes are all sewn in stretch fabrics, it is not imperative to have your measurement to the nearest millimeter!  If in doubt, go for a larger stitch.  You will be able to select a different size for your chest or your waist or your hips... that's normal!  This is because the garment that will be sewn for you will be adapted to your size!  After all, we are all different and the goal is not to fit into a mold ;) You will love your personalized clothes from Chic Placard!

It's really better to take the time to measure yourself than to rely on another garment in your closet.  Indeed, from one fabric to another, the actual size of the garment will be affected.


The little skirt

The leggings are made with a higher waistband in cotton jersey.  Not only is it always more comfortable in cotton, it benefits the silhouette by retaining "life experience" at the waist.


Beanies with pompoms

When you want a nice fitted look, you take the measurement according to the chart.  If you want to make sure that the beanie lasts a long time, you can choose the size above.


Still doubts?  Do not hesitate to write to me at info@chicplacard.ca and I will help you in your selection!