How to choose the right needle?

Check your machine's needle system by consulting your manual:
  • 130/705 or HAx1 or 15x1: Standard needles for most domestic machines
  • Elx705 or ha1SP: for certain overlock or overcover machines and Janome machines
  • Industrial machines require needles that are well suited to their system. The most common: B27 (81x1, DCx27, DCx1, SY6120, MY1023), BBx1, UY128, MY1044, etc...
Depending on the fabric and thread:
  • A thick fabric requires a larger caliber thread and a larger needle.
  • Most common: 80/16 to 90/14 and TEX27 wire for TEX30 overeer for a sewing machine.
  • A delicate fabric like a veil requires a smaller needle
Kown or woven:
  • Universal: for all non-woven fabrics
  • Point ball: knitted, jersey, rib, French terry, stretch, 95/5, cl.
  • Stretch: very stretch knitties like swimsuit fabric, or when we have jump points with our ball point needle
  • Denim: for jeans fabrics, thick twill...
  • Microtex: Microfibers, polyester, silk, festoal and other fabrics covered/coated