Permanent identification labels to personalize

What's this ?

What is called a permanent identification tag (or textile composition label), it is a label that identifies both the designer/vendor and the fabric fibers used in the manufacture of a textile product.

What should be written on this label?

It depends if your confection is for personal use or for sale.

For personal use

You can enter what you want, add an image, a line to enter the size, washing instructions, your designer name or even the name of your child if it is to prevent your precious creations from ending up in the box. items lost at school or daycare...

For commercial use

The information that the permanent identification tag must contain is defined by the Competition Office of the Government of Canada, under the Textile Labeling Act. For more detailed information and source links to learn more, click here!.



  • Seller's full name or company name
  • Seller's full address (including Canada)
  • % Textile fibers used
  • Bilingual




Optional, according to your choice

  • Logo
  • CA number (replaces the obligation to enter the name and full address of the seller)
  • Cut
  • Maintenance icons
  • Care Instructions
  • Mentions such as "Made in Quebec", "Made in Canada", "Handmade", etc...




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