Labels: Choice of a logo and monochrome printing

Basics of printing an image on label tape

How you install the tag affects the design of the tag.

 Shorter label...

  • Logo wider than tall
  • Text only logo
  • Traits gras

Longer label...

  • Logo taller than wide
  • Image with great detail
  • Traits fins


Impression monochrome noir/blanc

The printing on the label tapes contains only one color and no variation in intensity.

Your image must therefore be in black on white background and not have no gray tone.








The orientation of the print on the label

Depending on where and how you wish to sew the label may impact the orientation of the print on the label.  Basically, brand labels are printed: 

 Brand labels

Identification labels


You can request a different orientation according to your needs, including the empty back.


Submit a logo file for printing

  • Image monochrome :  it is essential that your image is made of black lines and does not include any color, including gray.
  • Bet on the fat features.  Because ribbons are narrow, thin lines will often look less good in print and you may even lose bits of it, which will reduce the visual quality of your image.
  • Even though the image will only be maybe 25mm in width, it is better to submit larger format images to allow a little adaptation if necessary to make the elements clearer when printed.
  • The optimal resolution is 300 dpi.  Pay attention to images uploaded by Facebook and Messenger.  Without appearing on your screen, these applications compress the images and reduce the resolution so that the printing will be affected.
  • If your file was made by a graphic designer, submit the original file.  Even better if your file has layers.
  • Also, you have to send the logo in black on white background, even if you want black tape.


If your logo doesn't fit well, consider just writing your brand in text.  After all, the idea of identifying your product is so that your customers can remember where they got the product....

When you order custom labels and submit a file that is not well-suited, your order cannot be processed.  You have the option to add a _base_ graphic service charge when you place your order if some element (like color or add bold, remove an element) needs to be done.

If you submit an order with an unsuitable file without adding the fee, the order will be rejected.



Your brand image must be a symbol that is easy to remember!



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