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I never thought a high end iron would be so much more powerful than a department store iron and feel so good to use.

My previous iron, which was worth around $50, had been given to me by my mother in my starter set, a long time ago. But I used it more for gluing children's "Magic Pearl" crafts than for ironing clothes... It was a bit on a whim when I wanted to spoil myself that I got my iron Oliso to help me in the sewing workshop.

I was really impressed from the first session! In my head, it went: "Ah! that's why it's worth investing more in an iron!"

Standby: a must for lunatics like me

I couldn't explain to you why or how... but three times out of four, I don't turn off my iron and I don't unplug it. The Oliso iron switches itself off after 30 minutes. So no more misadventures where I plugged in my iron a little in advance to let it reach its temperature.. I did another task while waiting.. and I forgot about it like this! Rather dangerous!

Oliso is good for me! It preheats so quickly that I don't have to plug it in beforehand. And as you can always leave it horizontal, no need to raise it vertically like a regular iron, you also avoid the risk of burns with a raised iron that you leave to preheat.

An entry-level iron has a power between 1200 and 1500 watts. The Oliso TG1600 has 1800 watts! That's why it's so effective! Need to quickly refresh a shirt a few minutes before an appointment? You won't be late with an ally like Oliso.

With what water to fill his iron?

Bottled water is preferred to add steam to your iron. So, no nasty surprises! Hard water promotes the accumulation of residues in the iron, while distilled water, to be avoided, affects the interior surfaces of the iron and contributes to the very unpleasant phenomenon of water rejection.

The Oliso iron is easily filled thanks to its opening in the side. It is also equipped with an anti-leakage system that ensures you have a lot of steam .. and no unpleasant spitting!

Steam, a bit much!

Do you know why we add steam? The steam relaxes the fibers of the fabric and it is through this phenomenon that it helps to undo the bad folds by the heat and the action of the hot iron.

The Oliso iron set to the maximum sends out an impressive amount of steam and you can make it emit powerful jets if you want even more. Beware of foggy glasses, it's surprising!!!

Steam also has the advantage of destroying germs that may have survived machine washing. That's why we iron bed sheets! not just for the bad folds!

It can also be used vertically to refresh a delicate blouse on its hanger with a little burst of steam.

But why do some irons spit water instead of steam?

To create steam, an iron will heat the water in its tank to a high enough temperature to turn it into steam. If your setting is at maximum for steam but you have set the temperature lower for a more delicate fabric, the iron will struggle to produce as much steam at a lower temperature. To avoid this problem, increase the temperature or reduce the steam adjustment.

Why is it an indispensable tool in a sewing workshop?

  • Iron wrinkled fabrics before cutting, especially woven cottons.
  • Use fusible interfacing
  • Achieving a perfect hem using iron-on bias tape
  • Install an iron-on appliqué
  • Achieve a perfect photo of your creation by placing the seams and avoiding creases

  • Oliso iTouch® Just touch the handle and the iron lowers, ready to iron.
  • Raise your hand, and the patented burn guard lifts the iron off the board to prevent burns and spikes.
  • It's not only safer, but it saves you time and relieves your wrists!
  • 1800 watt power
  • Horizontal or vertical jets of steam.
  • 30 minute auto shut-off
  • 12.7oz - 375ml Side Water Reservoir
  • Flat ironing surface, a detailed tip
  • 12 feet / 3.7 meters cord
  • New Diamond Ceramic-flow TM soleplate that glides effortlessly over all types of fabrics, plus it improves heat distribution and allows for quick and easy cleaning when using fuses.
  • The Rapid Response TM steam system triple play® makes the TG1600 Pro Plus hotter and hotter than ever!
  • A new TG1600 Pro Plus anti-scale system to work harder and longer.
  • 4 pretty colors: Turquoise, pink, magenta and yellow

See the website: https://www.chicplacard.ca/collections/lessive-repassage

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