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Label printed on ribbon with special ink designed to withstand washing.

Woven satin (white or black):

This woven satin ribbon is a little thicker and more durable with two weave edges on each side that help prevent fraying.  This tape is a good choice for those looking for a very durable, upscale-looking fabric composition label, or for branding on the outside of the garment.

Woven Satin: Each label should be sewn top/bottom to prevent fraying.

Taffeta (black):

The taffeta ribbon has a nice, very smooth texture on the print side.  It is thin and soft and has the advantage of not fraying at all!  It is therefore the #1 choice for brand labels to be sewn on the outside of clothing.  Even though the ribbon is very soft, the corners of the label may be a little less soft than satin labels.  This is the ribbon that offers the best print quality.

Labels are pre-cut and calibrated to insert into the seam.

The width of the ribbon is 3 cm.  The length is 45 / 50 cm so once inserted in the seam, there is approximately 1 to 1.25 cm of visible label.

Choice of font: we favor bold and compact fonts.  If your business name is very long, consider using an even lighter cursive font if it needs to be two lines.  I recommend that you do a test at home on paper, betting on a maximum height of 8 mm.


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