Fusible non-woven interfacing - medium weight

Fusible non-woven interfacing - medium weight

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HeatnBond Interfacing has a heat-activated dry film adhesive backing three times stronger than other traditional fusible interfacing without adding extra weight and stiffness. Choose medium as an all-purpose for medium or heavy fabrics. Use on: medium cotton, light denim, flannel, fleece, linen, light wool. Ideal for shirts, collars and buttonholes. With a short ironing time at low temperature, it allows a greater choice of materials to be bonded. No steaming or wetness needed, and it won't lift or wrinkle after washing. Machine washable, dry cleanable.

To Bond: Apply fusible interfacing with the shiny side against the inside of the fabric.  Cover with a light cloth such as cotton or a sheet of parchment or silicone press paper.  Press with iron at high temperature, without steam and without movement for 10 to 15 seconds.  Lift the iron and move to glue the rest of the project.

 100% polyester, fusible on one side

Width = 20 inches / 50 cm.

Sold by the half meter

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