Real fur pompom multicolored blue pink & yellow * small snaps *

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Very nice big pompoms in real fur.  Natural fur pompoms are a durable product that will look great for a very long time.  In fact, in the cold, they have the property of expanding because each hair straightens.  You will therefore not need to buy a pompom next season as with synthetic pompoms.  They also have the advantage of being very light with a smaller heart size and very long hairs.

15-18 cm

With female snap to install on a toque BUT the SMALLER SNAP than all my other pom poms

*Pom poms (color, shape and size) may vary slightly from one to another.

Maintenance: You can use a small brush to restore volume to your pompom or by using a cold air dryer.

Each pompom is unique since it is a natural product.  The color and size may vary from one pompom to another.

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