Make-up remover cleansing wipe and +++ 6 x 6 inches - Patterns of your choice

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These wipes will become an essential in your daily routine!

Whether it's to remove your make-up or to gently apply cream to your face, you'll appreciate the softness of the terry cloth on your skin.  Then, we simply send the wipe to the wash with your clothes, without any hassle.

This is a great ecological solution to disposable wipes.

The terry bamboo terry is really of a very good quality, very very soft.  It works well with cream and also for cleaning the whole face in addition to being more durable through washes.

Bamboo terry colors: 

  • White (easier to see what is being removed
  • Noir Is not stained by makeup
Each wipe is unique!  When ordering, choose from the pretty designs offered in the menu.  These may vary slightly depending on the location of the piece of fabrics.

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