45mm Rotary Knife Blades

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Replacement blades, in a pack of 10, compatible with your 45mm rotary cutter as pictured!

Of good lasting quality.


To ensure the longevity of your blades, avoid cutting paper and synthetic fabrics.   I recommend that you have a second knife if you make toques: one for jersey and another for microfleece.

Take note :  To succeed in cutting your fabrics, not only must the blade be of good quality, but your cutting mat too.  It is the action of the blade against the mat that makes the operation efficient.  If your blades don't seem to last long despite the care you take, check the quality of your mat.  Some mats are firmer and harder on the blades.  They have the quality to stay beautiful longer.  On the other hand, some carpets are softer and will quickly have lines of fabric dust appearing.  These mats are much more efficient for rotary knife cutting.  We must therefore choose a balance between the two according to our priorities.


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