Mini labels of scalable sizes

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These are brand labels reduced to be printed two side by side on the 3cm ribbon.  You must therefore cut them in half lengthwise as you use them, either with a small scissor, your rotary cutter or simply with a wire cutter.

We aim to have a ribbon that will be 1.5 cm X 1.5 cm for the visible side.

Taffeta (black):

The taffeta ribbon has a nice, very smooth texture on the print side.  It is thin and soft and has the advantage of not fraying at all!  It is therefore the #1 choice for brand labels to be sewn on the outside of clothing.  Even though the ribbon is very soft, the corners of the label may be a little less soft than satin labels.  This is the ribbon that offers the best print quality.

Only taffeta ribbon can be cut along its length to make mini labels.

    For a more subtle and understated look:  gray ink on white ribbon Where gray ink on black ribbon


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