Persian blue - 200 gsm cotton knit (per half meter)

Persian blue - 200 gsm cotton knit (per half meter)

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Soft and comfortable cotton knit for making garments such as t-shirts, sweaters, tunics, grow-with-me clothes, dresses and much more.  Its lighter weight gives a good drape and is ideal for your light toques for spring.
  • 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • 160 cm in width 
  • Extensible in the 4 directions

Select your quantity per half meter: 1 = half meter; 2 = 1 meter, 3 = 1.5 meters... Your fabrics will be cut continuously according to the quantity requested, depending on available stocks.

To know more...
These terms are all synonyms found on social networks to describe this type of fabric:
  • cotton knit
  • jersey knit
  • jersey knit
  • 95/5
  • cotton/spandex 

I recommend this knit for the lining of your light tuques.  Since it is more flexible, it fits much better and molds the head better.  Do you make black hats for spring?   Oh yes, it's an ideal fabric for that!   Much easier not to create "peaks" also when sewing notches.

In addition to using it for light tuques, it's my all-purpose fabric that replaces the "rib knit" (rib knit) when I make collars, cuffs, evolving trouser bands, waist bands for tunics, hoodies, skirts and dresses.  Why thin knit for these garments?  Because it is more supple and stretchy and precisely it will hug the curves better and have a better fall.

On the t-shirt side, it is ideal for people who are often hot since it is thinner.

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