Blended bundle - Make your own mix of labels

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Label printed on tape with ink specially designed to resist washing.

Write in the notes the magic words you want to be printed on the labels. Pick your choices in the pictures please.

You may suggest new ideas, but it can't be longer than 24 characters long and with a minimum order of quantity (MOQ) of 20 by new label/ink/ribbon.

Note :  Grey ink on black ribbon makes for a more subtle label.

Woven satin (white or black):

This woven satin ribbon is a bit thicker and more durable thanks to the two weave edges on each side which help prevent fraying. This tape is a good choice for those looking for a label of very durable, high-end looking fabric composition or to make it a brand label affixed to the outside of the garment.

Woven Satin: Each tag should be folded in half so the two ends are attached in the seam to prevent fraying.

Taffeta (black):

The taffeta ribbon has a nice very smooth texture on the printed side. It is thin and soft and has the advantage of not fraying at all! It is therefore the # 1 choice for brand labels to sew on the outside of clothing.  This is the ribbon that offers the best print quality.

The labels are pre-cut and calibrated to fit into the seam. The width of the ribbon is 3 cm.

The length is 45 mm so once inserted in the seam, there is approximately 1 to 1.25 cm of visible label.


Shipped from Matane, Quebec, Canada by regular mail outside of Canada.

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