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Scalable pants are pants that adjust to the size of the child. You can roll up the belt and the ankle bands to adjust the length and as it is stretchy, it adapts to your child's size, whether in disposable or washable nappies or panties. It is therefore a garment that you will keep for a long time in its chic closet! In addition, this type of garment is super comfortable because it moves with the child and does not have a stiff belt that constrains the tender belly of the toddler.

Fabrics 95% cotton, 5% spandex, pre-washed, pre-shrunk

Made with a 4-thread serger (coverer pockets).  These seams are strong and ensure the stretch of the garment for increased durability!

*Colors on screen may vary slightly from actual product.

The basic model provides a somewhat loose harem pants.  If you prefer a straight model or a jogger, just let me know in the notes.

Choice of patterned fabrics here  or just state the color in the notes if plain.

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